Why It Can Be Difficult To Hire A Real SEO Expert | How to Pick em’

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SEO Experts are Everywhere. But are they really experts!?

A lot of people say that they are able to do SEO for you, but not all of them are experts. Why is it so hard to find someone that knows what to do and charges a fair rate?

A lot of companies put out marketing materials that talk about how fantastic they are at their jobs. But, when you really look into what they are saying, you may find a lot of it to be false. Don’t be the type of person that just takes whatever they see at face value. You absolutely have to do your due diligence and look at the clues. No-one likes wasting money and/or time. If you’re going to pay for a top service like search engine optimization, you need to see the proof first! Here are some things you should take into consideration when choosing the right fit for SEO.

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One way to figure out if they are actually good with SEO is to look over their service page. Look up what they say they can do and see if that really helps with SEO or if they just made something up that sounded good.

Experts usually are able to let the work they’ve done speak for itself. You can find links on some SEO company websites that lead you to pages where they did work for someone. Look at the websites to see if there are any signs that they did the work such as their company name at the bottom in the footer of the website. Try to look for the keywords that they are using by looking for a keyword density tool. It can pull up the words that are repeated the most in the text, and then you can look those words up to see where their rankings are at.

Search engines change over time, so if you find someone that hasn’t worked in a while you may not be getting the best assistance. For instance, nowadays mobile friendly websites are going to rank better. If they didn’t know that, your website is not going to reach its full potential. Find evidence they are currently working or at least were trained recently before you have them work on your website. Ask what kinds of methods they use and what they know about current SEO practices.

Another good indication of seo experts gone wrong is low proposals and quotes. Real seo gurus are priced accordingly. They know the value of ranking at the top of a search engine for a buyer keyword. A lot of people from around the world will tell you they can help, but in reality, they are just in it for a little bit of money and are in a rush. You have to pay someone decently if you want to rank high. It may be cheaper to have someone from a third world country write content for you or help with your website, but if they aren’t getting paid a lot then chances are they won’t really care about the quality of the results. Building poor quality links could actually get your site penalized by google and other search engines. Who would want to pay for that? Exactly, no one. Make sure you don’t fall for the cheap bait!

When you want to find a true SEO expert, you must do a lot of research first. It’s easy to be tricked into trusting people that are good at marketing. Even if it seems like they know what they’re doing when you find their website or ad somewhere, be cautious.

Hope this was of value to you!

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