Google building it’s own smartwatches and smartphones in late 2016?

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Google manufactured smartphones? Times are changing…

We can start out by saying to be on the lookout for google, but if you’re anyone close to the internet you should know that google has already looked out for you. Once you hit the other realm outside of Facebook, you enter the magical world of search engines. Engines so personalized and tailored to you that they finish your sentence for you. Amongst the top search engine empires, Google ranks supreme. So, when people are saying that it will be a big deal when google comes out with it’s own handset you should believe them.

google manufactured smartphones

Okay, those that are familiar with Google already are thinking, “doesn’t google make it’s own phone currently?”. I would suggest that you are thinking of the Nexus brand in which they do not manufacturer the phones. The emphasis should be on them outsourcing manufacturing of the devices. In recent reports and a liable source from Telegraph, Google is now having talks with mobile operators that will give them full control of a devices structure, functionality and of course the software that you can fit inside one of these phones. Google will still continue to support the Nexus brand.

smartphone makers

According to a senior source, the Google manufactured smartphones will be released by the end of the year (2016).

Why is Google doing this? Obviously to gain more market share but on a grander scale of things, they are doing it for more control over the digital marketing space. It’s simple mathematics. More google smartphones equals more google search inquiries. You can see why marketers and businesses need to be on the up and up about this launch. Traffic to ones site can skyrocket in a matter of weeks if you have all the right things lined up. The amount of smartphone users are going up ladies and gentlemen. Compliments of your friend Google.

Another main reason is consistency on updates. With the different phones that are running on the current google software, some updates are accepted slower than others. We are in a time of instant gratification. We need stuff NOW and Google knows that. With a more controlled platform, Google will make great leaps into fixing problems and then getting the fix out into the world.

How do you feel about Google’s ambitions and joining the actual smartphone makers list? Do you think Google concentrating on hardware will be the rise or fall of an empire?

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