Free Wifi Advertising – The Power of Implementing a Wifi Monetization Platform

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What is Free Wifi Advertising?

Wifi Advertising is when a storefront/building offers a free Wi-Fi Hotspot to people who want to connect via a tablet, mobile device and/or laptop. Most businesses use this as an incentive for the customer to just come through their doors. Businesses that frequently use this form of online advertising are Sport venues, retail locations, grocery stores, shopping center/malls, restaurants and even one time events. The list goes on as more companies are getting hip to catering to customer’s needs.

Free Wifi Advertising

Because we love stats, we decided to prowl the internet and bring you some statistics on wifi trends. We know that offering free wifi will be a necessity when “keeping up with the Joneses” among competing businesses.

  • 86% of consumers aged in the range of 21-24 and 35-44 say that they are influenced highly by the wi-fi availability of a business
  • 77% of the least interested shoppers at age 45+ are influenced by wi-fi availability
  • 86% of all tablets require a Wi-FI connection to access the internet
  • 75% of smartphone users utilize WiFi on their devices
  • 64% of restaurant goers make a decision on location based on Wi-Fi
  • 63% of US adults use the internet wirelesly on a tablet, laptop, smartphone or e-reader.

What is a WIFI Monetization Platform

This is a wifi marketing software that allows business owners (who are already offering free wifi to their customers) to capture social connections. Here are the steps:

  1. Business has internet connection
  2. Business connects device to their existing modem
  3. In order for customers to gain access to the free wifi, they must login via social media (Facebook, twitter etc). They can also use their email.
  4. Once customer logins the customer’s data is collected for the business owner.
  5. The business owner uses this data and social connection to re-market products/services.

Wifi Monetization Platform

social media marketing

Let’s take a second to reflect on that concept. If you have ever owned a business that gave free wifi away, you know the complications that come with it. Random people can come in, not buy anything, use your free wifi and you receive absolutely nothing but a slowed down internet connection. It has happened thousands if not millions of times. This thievery stops when implementing a social wifi marketing software. Because the customer that is getting “free wifi” cannot login without giving their information, you finally get to know who exactly uses your wifi. Most importantly, you have their contact info to sell whatever your heart desires to them. You shouldn’t get crazy and harass them, but with a good system you can send out reminders to a customer’s phone/tablet/desktop when that customer is in the area. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

social wifi marketing

Below I will give you an example of how bar owners are absolutely benefiting big with these systems.

Being that bars run an alcohol based establishment, they already have great relationships with alcohol brands. You know the household names. Coors Light, Bud Light, good ol’ Captain Morgan etc. You have to also understand that within these bars the different brands compete against each other. So, how can one vodka/whiskey company stand out above the rest? The free wifi login screen (mobile wifi home page) has made this answer simple. Being a bar that utilizes a free wifi platform, they offer the exclusivity of their wifi front page to the alcohol companies. With these co-branding opportunities the alcohol brands can offer on the spot specials and coupons that customers will not turn down. To give you a better example. Imagine that you owned a bar in the city of Pittsburgh and you have the brand Clique Vodka as a partner. You could make a deal with them saying their promotions will run every Friday this month on your wifi home page. The alcohol company would be paying for an online billboard space (which is actually called banner space in the digital marketing realm). The good thing for you is that Friday is only one day of the week. You can make deals with other alcohol brands to lock in their day of the week and specific times. That’s some good extra money just from expanding on the free wifi that you already offer.

Of course it doesn’t stop at just bars. Coffee shops are pioneers of free wifi advertising. The same example above applies except people will most likely be less drunk by the end of the day in a cafe atmosphere. By now, you can see how wifi hotspot marketing can not only generate leads but recurring customers.

wifi hotspot marketing
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