10 Top Venues to host Business Events in the Pittsburgh Area.


10 of the top venues to host business events in Pittsburgh.

When it comes to planning a business event a key factor is always where the event should be held. You want to always be somewhere that matches the ideology of your company and the attendees of the event. For example, you would want to host an event promote local business at a venue known to support local businesses in terms of contracting services or coordinating marketing campaigns and initiatives. You also want a location that has a professional atmosphere and great scenery but also is within your planning budget. So we’ve made a list of places you would want to consider for your next business events in the Pittsburgh area.

For this list, we’re considering scenery, ease of coordinating event details, and testimonials.

10. David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Located in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, along the Allegheny River, the environmentally smart Gold/Platinum LEED® certified, SMG managed David L. Lawrence Convention Center effectively blends unparalleled space, functionality, and flexibility with cutting-edge technology to offer meeting planners, show organizers, exhibitors, and visitors a location for an unforgettable event experience. (http://www.pittsburghcc.com/index.php)

9. Heinz Field – From the privacy of the Press Box to the expansiveness of the Great Hall, Heinz Field has an event space to fit your every need. By combining our highly adaptable space, stellar customer service, and unique amenities, creating memorable experiences is our specialty (http://heinzfield.com/private-events/)

8. The Hyatt House Pittsburgh-South Side Hotel – offers an ideal facility for groups and meetings alike. Whether planning a corporate training, business meeting or social event, we offer options which will exceed your expectations to create the perfect event. Our on-site Event Planners will work with you to coordinate your event from start to finish. From audio visual needs to food and beverage, room reservations to special requests; we will ensure a successful event tailored to your specific needs. (https://pittsburghsouthside.house.hyatt.com/en/hotel/meetings-and-events.html)

Hyatt House South Side Pittsburgh

7. Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum – Welcome to one of Pittsburgh’s most well known landmarks and treasures. Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum is the nation’s only military memorial dedicated to honoring the men and women of all branches of service, from all generations and conflicts. The historic building has stood in honor of our veterans since 1910.   Through personally donated artifacts and mementos, the museum offers a unique look into American military history by telling the stories of the individuals who served our country since the Civil War through today.   Guests also can experience performances in the stately 2300 seat concert auditorium and celebrate in classic style in our elegant ballroom.  Operated and maintained by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Soldiers & Sailors invites you to be a part of this one of a kind experience and pay tribute to our American heroes. Explore our website for events, programs, our history and how you can support our mission.  Make your plans today to visit Soldiers & Sailors and “Honor them with your Presence”. Soldiers & Sailors will provide a list of exclusive caterers and other vendors who are trained in the policies and procedures of the museum. All of our vendors hold the proper licensing and meet the standards of insurance set forth by the museum. (http://soldiersandsailorshall.org/)

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum Pittsburgh PA

6. Gateway Clipper Fleet – Looking to host an event to increase customer retention, kick off summer, or celebrate one of life’s biggest moments? An event aboard the Gateway Clipper Fleet isn’t just an event, it’s an experience! An experience that is completely customizable — Monte Carlo Game Night? Wine and Cheese Tasting? Trust us, you don’t want to miss the boat on this unbelievable opportunity to impress your family, friends and colleagues (https://www.gatewayclipper.com/private-events/)

5. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh Downtown – makes planning and hosting your meeting easy. Whether you are organizing a conference, sales presentation, corporate retreat, theme party or formal affair, DoubleTree is the perfect Pittsburgh event venue for that ‘Dream Come True’ Pittsburgh wedding or that monumental Birthday celebration. Rely on our expertise to provide the perfect setting for any occasion. Our staff will ensure your event is a success from start to finish.(Doubletree Pittsburgh)4

4. Pointbreezeway – born as a utility barn circa 1880 that later became a tavern, speakeasy, tea room, and ultimately our family home, PointBreezeway’s original wood beams and exposed brick fireplace reflect its rich history as a neighborhood social hub for more than 100 years! tucked away in the quaint and beautiful neighborhood of Point Breeze in Pittsburgh’s east end, our family home is charming, simple and unpretentious, evoking warmth and comfort.(http://www.pointbreezeway.com/)

Point Breezeway Pittsburgh

3. The Mayernik Center – The Mayernik Center is a year-round rental with a 200 person seating capacity. The Center is a beautiful log cabin building with a full wrap-around porch which allows guests to utilize the inside and outside of the facility. Featuring 18’ cathedral ceilings and stone fireplace in the main hall, it’s a perfect venue to get away from the norm of hotel or on-site meeting rooms. The Oak Room is located directly off of the main section of the Mayernik Center, hosts our eye-catching oak bar. This area is great for smaller corporate meetings or the buffet for receptions of any kind.

2. Kimpton Hotel Monaco – The Steel City is being transformed into a vibrant startup scene, exploding with growing companies and entrepreneurial energy. It’s the perfect place to host your next meeting. A choice we think you’ll take a special shine to is Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh, in all its 11,300 square feet of total meeting and conference room space glory. Then there’s the 1,067 square foot 9th Floor Rialto Suite with rooftop access — that one’s the fave of fresh air aficionados. The Sheffield Ballroom was built for those who like to go big, endowed with 2,337 square feet, all dressed up in its original Beaux-Arts ceiling dripping with 13-foot chandeliers (http://www.monaco-pittsburgh.com/event-venues/business-meetings/)

1.River’s Club – The Private Events Team is ready to help you plan your event.  Our Club provides beautiful private dining rooms for all occasions.  With great views, great privacy and perfect service, your events bring lasting memories.  Our professional staff works with you through the planning stage and is there for your event to make sure everything is perfect. (http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Rivers-Club/Host-An-Event)

The River's Club Pittsburgh PA
This list of great venues in Pittsburgh is seemingly endless. These are just 10 of the amazing places to host events in this great city. We hope you enjoyed our list and for more information regarding these venues feel free to check out their pages linked here in the article.


For event promotion and marketing in Pittsburgh contact us: [email protected]

This is the collective work of the LES team. We aim to provide helpful and up to date information about online growth. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

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    • Michael Anderson
    • May 27, 2017

    Thanks, Howard! Pittsburgh is booming right now. We need to showcase the city and show the growth!

    • Howard B.
    • May 25, 2017

    Thanks for this article! I often host small events in Pittsburgh, so it’s good when I can get another point a view regarding which venues to book. I’ve sent you an email explaining more in detail of what I specialize in!


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